Journals to explain the Nature of Everything in non technical terms.

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The Map of Physics 

From Newton’s mechanical calculations to Einstein’s general and special relativity to the baffling indeterminacy of quantum mechanics, the discipline of physics has become increasingly arcane and complex, and less and less governed by orderly laws. This presents a problem for the layperson, who struggles to understand how Newtonian physics, with its predictable observations of physical forces, relates to the parallax and paradox of later discoveries. “If you don’t already know physics,” says physicist Dominic Walliman found in the video, it’s difficult sometimes to see how all of these different subjects are related to each other.” The presentation then goes into the current understanding of physics and starts down the rabbit hole into the wonderful world of NOE!!

Part 1 -The E8 Album on Science 

This album is somewhat technical but there is no mathematics.  DK’s quotes, along with the work of H. P. Blavatsky, A. A. Bailey and A. Besant, form part of the foundation of NOE.

by ©DK Matai

Quantum Energy

Described in the Masterpieces’ of Helena Petrovna Blatvatsky, Alice Bailey , and Annie Besant is the energy force which created the universe and is found in every atom from simple hydrogen to the Milky Way Galaxy.  This energy force, called Fohat in the books, is the source of the Sun’s power. NOE asserts that the process which creates the Sun is available for use as a source of clean energy here on Earth.

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© DK Matai, QiLabs, and MM